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It will help our conversation if you would please tell us more about what interests
you most about Equity Release
  Basic Information about You  
  To help us to help you, your adviser will need some key information about you, your property and what you require from Equity Release. This is a secure webpage. You can also contact us on 020 33 55 4837  
  Age of Youngest Applicant (minimum age 60) :  
  Do you own the home on your own or with someone else :  
  Your adviser will use this information to calculate the maximum amount you can borrow although you can choose a lower amount if you wish.  
  What you want from Equity Release  
  Below are some of the key benefits available from equity release loans. To help your adviser ensure they are meeting your requirements, please tick all those that are important to you. You can tick them all if you wish, however you may not be able to achieve all of the benefits in certain circumstances. You should check your Equity Release Mortgage offer for the full terms and conditions of any equity release loan arranged for you.  
A guarantee of no negative equity  
Free set-up and / or valuation fees  
To stay in your home until the last surviving partner dies or gets taken into long term care  
The ability to move home in the future and take the mortgage with you  
The ability to repay the loan early  
A reserve fund for future use  
  Other Sources  
Do you have the ability to achieve your plans without Equity Release  

  Anything Else  
  Please tell us anything you think would help us better understand your circumstances and the type of loan you require  
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Best Equity Release is a trading style of
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